E Hotel Membership
Terms and Conditions
Membership Enrolment

Membership Enrolment

1)Enrolling in E Hotel Membership program signifies your acceptance to the full terms and conditions which is available at www.e-hotel.hk
E Hotel Management Limited reserves the final decision on the interpretation of the terms and conditions of E Hotel Membership program.
參加 E 酒店會員計劃代表閣下同意計劃的所有條款及細則,詳情可瀏覽www.e-hotel.hk
E 酒店管理有限公司擁有解釋 E 酒店會員計劃條款及細則之最終決定權。
2) Guests are eligible to free enrolment of E Hotel Membership. Guest must provide all mandatory information to complete membership enrolment.
客人可免費申請 E 酒店會員計劃會籍。客人須提供所有必須填寫之資料方可完成申請。
3) E Hotel Member program is open to individuals aged 18 or above only. E Hotel Management Limited reserves the right to grant,
refuse or terminate E Hotel membership at its sole discretion.
E酒店會員計劃只接納18歲或以上人士申請。E 酒店管理有限公司有權給予、拒絕或終止E酒店會員會籍,並擁有最終決定權。

Membership Benefits

1) E Hotel Members can enjoy the benefits during their next stay after successfully complete their enrolment applications upon check-out.
E Hotel Membership points will be granted for the qualifying spending of room master bill in during that period of stay.
Stay and night record as well as E Hotel Membership points will not be granted for any stay and spending prior to successful enrolment of E Hotel Membership.
**合資格消費之定義為該次住宿訂房渠道為非第三方和非直接形式之預訂 (e.g.官方網站,會員APPS等)
2) All membership benefits including discounts, promotional offers and use of vouchers will only be honored upon presentation of a valid
E Hotel Membership Card by the member in person. They cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or membership offers,
unless otherwise specified.
所有會籍優惠包括折扣、限時優惠、禮券使用等只提供予親身出示有效 E 酒店會員卡之會員享用,
3) E Hotel Membership is a personal membership and for members only. As well as all benefits,
accumulated points are non-transferable and cannot be combined with any other account. Each member would only be eligible for one membership.
Neither membership benefits, stay and night records nor points would be combined if multiple memberships are applied by a member.
4) Membership benefits are not applicable for a complimentary stay.
Members cannot earn E Hotel Member points nor accumulate stay and night record from any complimentary stay.
E 酒店會員禮遇不適用於免費住宿。免費住宿亦不可賺取積分或累積住宿次數及晚數記錄。
5) All membership benefits including birthday amenities and room upgrade are subject to availability and hotel’s arrangement.
6) A minimum period of one day must elapse between stays to enjoy the membership benefits.
Any back-to-back eligible stays will be counted as one stay only.
7) If members would like to terminate their E Hotel membership, they should inform E Hotel management limited by written notice.
All benefits will be ceased and all points will be forfeited upon the confirmation of E Hotel Management Limited.
會員如欲取消 E 酒店會員會籍,須以書面向 E 酒店管理有限公司提出。㇐經 E 酒店管理有限公司確認,所有優惠及積分將被取消。

Membership Upgrade/Renewal/Downgrade

1) Members fulfilled the qualifying criteria within the membership year would be upgraded/ renewed/downgraded.
Members accumulated 15,000 points will be upgraded to Platinum membership
while those who accumulated 15,000 points within one year will be renewed as Platinum membership, unless otherwise specified.
會員於會籍年度如符合會籍要求,將被升級/續會/降級。除非另有指明,會員合資格消費儲滿 15,000 會員積分將被升級至白金會籍,
而會員於㇐年內合資格消費儲滿 15,000 會員積分將被延續白金會籍。
2) Qualified expenses include room bookings at published rates on E Hotels’ website www.e-hotel.hk (excluding
long stays rates), negotiated corporate rates and all E Hotels’ official booking channel**
Distribution System. No-shows, cancelled bookings and complimentary stays will not be counted.
Official booking channel as below:
WhatsApp: 5489 4304 Hotel Hotline: 3742 8888
Email: [email protected] Wechat: HKEHOTEL
Facebook: E Hotel Website: www.e-hotel.hk
3) Membership is valid for 1 year (Starting on 1st Jan and end of 31 Dec in every year).
Membership upgrade will be processed within 3 – 5 working days as soon as the members fulfilled the qualifying criteria,
while the validity of E Hotel Member points will remain unchanged. Members can enjoy the offers and benefits of upgraded tier in their next stay.
Membership renewal/downgrade will be processed after membership expired.
4) The qualifying criteria for membership upgrade/renewal are limited to qualifying stays or qualifying nights with the room
physically occupied by the members only.

Rewards Redemption

1) To use E Hotel Membership points to redeem rewards, guests must have a valid E Hotel membership.
2) All redeemed rewards must be used by the designated Regal Rewards members in person.
3) Reward Night redeemed by E Hotel Membership points is subject to hotel’s availability.
It is applicable for the room physically occupied by the member only. Prior reservation is required.
4) In the event if a reservation is amended, the associated reward night redemption will be re-confirmed which is subject to hotel availability.
5) In the event if a reservation is cancelled where pre-requisite cancellation rules are met, the associated reward night redemption will be cancelled.
E Hotel Membership points will not be deducted. In the event of a reservation is cancelled where cancellations rules are not met,
the associated room upgrade redemption will be forfeited and the used points will not be revalidated.
如符合所需要求取消已預訂之房間,因應該次預訂換取之獎勵住宿將會取消,E 酒店會員積分將不被扣除。
6) In the event of a no-show, the associated reward night redemption will be forfeited and the used points will not be revalidated.
7) Instant rewards must be used during the current stay and cannot be extended or cancelled after redemption is confirmed.
8) No replacement, refund, extension or revalidation of points if rewards or voucher is lost, stolen, damaged or expired.
9) All redeemed rewards are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and cannot be cancelled. All used points cannot be revalidated.

E Hotel Membership Points
E 酒店會員計劃積分

1) Unless otherwise specified, E Hotel Membership points will be granted for qualifying spending including room accommodation and
supplement for room upgrade charged to the room master bill of participating hotels during a qualifying stay and excluding no-show charges,
cancellation penalties and any other penalty during the stays (E.g. hotel property damaged, smoking penalty and extra room cleaning fee).
E Hotel Management Limited may update the qualifying spending from time to time at its sole discretion without prior notice.
除非另有指明,於參與酒店之合資格消費,包括房費和房間升級附加費,可獲 E 酒店會員計劃積分,
惟不包括未入住罰款、取消預訂罰款及入住期間任何類別之罰款(如 損毀酒店財物, 吸煙罰款和額外房間清潔費等)。
E 酒店管理有限公司會不時更新合資格消費而不作另行通知。
2) Gold, Platinum and Black card members can earn 1 point, 1.5 points and 2 points per HKD1 qualifying spending respectively.
金會籍會員、白金會籍會員和黑卡會員之合資格消費,消費每港幣1元可分別得1積分,1.5積分 和 2積分。
3) For all membership valid date for one year, 1st Jan all membership account points will be restarted to zero balance (except black card), for the membership points
valid date annually starts from 1st January to 29th December (including 29th Dec).
During annual settlement (30th & 31st December), no membership points will be granted (including black card).
所有會籍以年度計算, 每年1月1日所有會員帳戶積分會自動重置歸零(黑卡除外), 而儲積分有效時間為每年度由1月1日至12月29日(包括29日)。
4) Members must be the registered guest, the occupant and the payer of the room master bill with a valid E Hotel membership and
settle payment in full to earn E Hotel Membership points.
The bill paid by an organization, association or group does not qualify for earning E Hotel Membership points.
會員必須為酒店綜合賬單上之登記人、住客及付款人,並持有有效之 E 酒店會員會籍,及繳付賬單全數,方可賺取 E 酒店會員積分。
如賬單由組織、協會或團體支付,均不能賺取 E 酒店會員積分。
5) A maximum of two rooms will be eligible for Regal Rewards points per night if payment is made by member’s own account and
the member physically stays in one of the rooms. Only one member will be granted points.
6) E Hotel Membership points will not be granted for service charge, tips, local and government taxes (if applicable)
小費和當地及政府稅項(如適用)均不能賺取 E 酒店會員計劃積分。
7) E Hotel Membership points will be credited to members’ account within 3 to 5 working days after check-out.
In case of any dispute on point calculation, members are required to send an email with the register’s phone number, registered full name,
arrival and departure dates to [email protected] within one month from the check-out date. Late submission will not be entertained.
All records are subject to the computer records of E Hotel Management Limited.
Retro-claiming of E Hotel Membership points is subject to the computer records of E Hotel Management Limited and
its decision shall be final and conclusive.
E 酒店會員計劃積分將於退房後3 – 5 個工作天內計入會員之賬戶內。如對積分有任何爭議,會員必須於退房日起計㇐個月內,
電郵至 [email protected] 通知 E 酒店管理有限公司,並列明會員登記之手提電話號碼、登記全名、入住酒店之日期以便查證,
所有記錄概以 E 酒店管理有限公司之電腦記錄為準,逾期無效。如對補領E 酒店會員計劃積分有任何爭議,
E 酒店管理有限公司保留最終決定權。
8) Members are responsible to provide a valid mobile phone number to enable E Hotel Management Limited to contact the members and
provide information to the members.
Members must send a request to [email protected] to update their correspondence details.
E Hotel Management Limited shall not be liable for any loss of the members due to non-receipt of communications or information.
會員有責任向E 酒店管理有限公司提供㇐個有效的電話號碼,以便 E 酒店管理有限公司聯絡會員及向會員提供資料。
會員如需更改登記之電話號必須將新通訊資料電郵至 [email protected] 要求更新。
E 酒店管理有限公司不會承擔因會員未能收取資訊或資料而對該會員造成之損失。

General Terms and Conditions

1) If E Hotel Management Limited terminates its affiliation with any hotels or partners, the benefits and services at that property as well as the products and
offers provided by that partner will not be awarded.
E Hotel Management Limited assumes no responsibilities and liabilities for changes or discontinuance of any partnership.
如 E 酒店管理有限公司終止與任何伙伴合作,會員將不會獲享該伙伴之優惠及服務,和該伙伴提供之產品及優惠。
E 酒店管理有限公司將不為更改或終止任何合作伙伴關係而承擔任何責任。
2) Members must ensure that their mobile APPS membership account information (including member login) is not disclosed to any unauthorized parties.
E Hotel Management Limited shall not be held liable for the consequences of any unauthorized use of online membership account information,
including unauthorized redemption of E Hotel Membership points, subsequent to disclosure of their account information by members.
的損失,包括未經授權換領E酒店會員積分獎賞,E 酒店管理有限公司概不負責。
3) All information collected from E Hotel members will be used by E Hotel Management Limited and its affiliate companies for marketing purposes and
E Hotel Membership maintenance only in accordance with the privacy notice of E Hotel Management Limited.
會員提供之資料將只供 E 酒店管理有限公司及其所屬公司根據 E 酒店管理有限公司的私隱聲明作推廣及維持 E 酒店會員會籍運作之用。
4) All Membership benefits will only be honored upon presentation of a valid Membership Card by the member in person.
Respective staff of E Hotel or any of its facilities/restaurants/hotels (where applicable) reserves the right to request for a valid identification document(s) of the user
for verification purposes, including but not limited to documents such as identity card and/or credit card and/or driving license.
會員須出示有效會員卡才能兌現會員禮遇。 E 酒店管理有限公司或其設施/餐廳/酒店(如適用)之員工有權要求證明文件,
5) E Hotel Management Limited, at its sole and absolute discretion from time to time without prior notice to members,
reserves the right to modify or change any applicable terms and conditions and any other rules and policies including but not limited to applicable benefits, rewards
redemption items, Member agrees and acknowledges that any updated version of such applicable terms and conditions,
rules and policies shall prevail over any previous version(s) and shall bind the member as from the effective date of the respective updated version.
E 酒店管理有限公司有權在不事先通知會員的情況下,
6) E Hotel Management Limited reserves the right to, at its sole and absolute discretion,
terminate forthwith any membership without prior notice under any circumstances E Hotel Management Limited considers appropriate,
including but not limited to circumstances where a member engages in any fraudulent acts, misconducts,
or fails to comply with any applicable terms and conditions.
E 酒店管理有限公司有權在其認為合適的情況下(包括但不限於當會員參與任何欺詐、
7) Upon termination of membership (due to any reason whatsoever), the use of Membership Card and all Membership benefits
(including but not limited to use of vouchers and use of reward points) shall cease forthwith and all unused reward points shall be forfeited forthwith without any
compensation. Such termination shall be without prejudice to the accrued rights and remedies of E Hotel Management Limited.
該會籍的終止不損害 E 酒店管理有限公司已累積的權利和賠償。
8) E Hotel Management Limited has the right to change, add or delete any of the program rules, terms and conditions,
benefits, rewards, conversion rate and promotional benefits pertaining to the program, in whole or in part, at any time,
at its sole discretion, without prior notice.
E 酒店管理有限公司有權隨時單方面,全部或部分,更改、增加或刪減有關會籍之規則、條款及細則、優惠、獎賞、兌換率及推廣項目,
9) Should a dispute arise, all terms and conditions will be based on the English and the latest website version.
E Hotel Management Limited reserves the right to arbitrate the final decision.
如有任何爭議,所有條款及細則概以英文及最新網站版本為準,E 酒店管理有限公司保留最終決定權。